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Dr. Rima's Celiac Blog:

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Weight Loss and Celiac
01/12/2007 One of my patients wrote, "Sorry I can't make it to the meeting (the Celiac Support Group), but after 4 days on the celiac diet, I've lost 5 lbs., my belly fat is visibly shrinking to the point that I can suck in it in, my sciatica has diminished by ~85% and I can sleep!"

Variation on Slow-Cooked Chicken
10/18/2005 Last night's chicken...

Unexplained Anemia
07/28/2007 Question: Thank you so much for your wonderful informative website. I am a 45 yo female, previously completely healthy (or so I thought) up until 7 mos ago when massive amounts of hair started falling off my head diffusely. The only abnormality to be discovered was an extreme iron deficiency and borderline anemia....

The Problem With Making Meatloaf
10/17/2005 The past few days have been busy. We have been trying to catch the foxes....

The Candy Store
10/10/2005 For a Celiac, going to a big health food store such as Whole Foods in Houston is like going to a candy store....

Sweet & Sour Pork
10/09/2005 Sometimes something you throw together....

Stumbling Upon Celiac Diagnosis
During the 1980's, medical schools taught that Celiac "Disease" was a very rare disorder, maybe affecting one in 6000 people.....

Real Tapioca Pudding
02/19/2007 When was the last time you had real tapioca pudding? So I started on a quest to make low-allergen tapioca pudding and succeeded!!

Ready for a Hurricane
08/19/2007 Even though it looks like this hurricane won't hit us this year, the memories of two years ago were still quite fresh. What do you do if you have special dietary needs in a hurricane?

Raising a Celiac Toddler
01/05/2007 Christmas letters are sometimes pretty stale writing, but my daughter's Christmas letter had a very touching account of learning to live Celiac with a toddler (my grandson!). I thought I would share with you the "important part":

Quick Brown Rice
10/6/2005 A patient gave me a box of Quick Brown Rice made by Arrowhead Mills. Good stuff! Read on...

Outback Responds!
09/14/2007 One of our newly diagnosed celiacs went on a trip and ate at Outback Steakhouse in Utah....

New Food Pyramid
9/20/2007 The FDA food pyramid is just plain WRONG!

Learn to Make Left-Overs
10/5/2005 Cooking every single time is just about impossible. Learning to make left-overs...

Italian Slow-Cooked Chicken
10/4/2005 Making food in a full life run requires that it cook very fast or very slowly. Slow-cookers are GREAT for a busy sort of life. Here's a great new recipe called Italian Slow-Cooked Chicken....

How Good Is Celiac Testing?
07/28/2007 Question: I am 37 years old and have been suffering with Celiac-type symptoms all of my life. I have food allergies to wheat, corn, potatoes, soy, and nuts. I could always tolerate most of these except soy and have really began concentrating on wheat. I met a lady that has celiac syndrome who highly suggested I get tested. The test came back negative but then came the questions....

12/31/2006 Time to start again with a New Year!...

Gluten Contamination of Foods
01/14/2007 Is gluten contamination of foods a serious problem? YES! We are back to a gluten-free home.

Gluten Contamination in the Air!
04/14/2007 Gluten can make you sick even if it's in the air!

Craving Fried Chicken
02/04/2007 Let's face it. It's not fun watching other people enjoy something you would like to have. CELL Program people will just have to skip this little blog item...

Celiac DVD Site Redone
My daughter Laura redid the Celiac Syndrome web site. Visit www.celiacsyndrome.com! Anybody need a good web designer?

Bean Soup for a Cold Windy Day
04/14/2007 Today was a cold and windy day, perfect for a hot bowl of ham and bean soup.

Anemia and Celiac
09/16/2007 I'm not the only one who's talking about unexplained anemias and Celiac....

A Quick Sunday Night Supper
01/07/2007 Alex and I have been out all afternoon building a cute chicken house for our egg-layers. The chicken house will be 8' by 6', tall enough to walk in, with a bunch of nest-boxes and roosts inside. Come nightfall there's nothing ready to eat. What to do?

A Celiac Thanksgiving
11/23/2005 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there...

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