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Drunken Chicken Strips

There are no measures for this recipe.  No I didn't forget to put them in.  It's something I threw together and it worked so well I just had to share it!  It's very easy, honest.  TRUST yourself that it will work out for you too.  It was truly a special treat, even if it was messy.  This is great FREE DAY fare for CELL Program and Celiacs alike.

Chicken breasts
White Wine (I used a Chardonay)
Gluten-free Soy Sauce or Salt
White rice flour
Tapioca flour
Sunflower oil (just about any vegetable oil will work)
Sesame oil

1.  Cut the chicken breasts across the grain into 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick strips.  Put them all into a glass bowl.  Pour white wine over it enough to cover.  Add in some soy sauce, just enough to give it a light color, then stir it all up.  If you are allergic to soy, just sprinkle in some salt.  Let the chicken marinade for about half an hour or while you prepare other things.

2.  In another bowl put in 1/2 rice flour and 1/2 tapioca flour.  Note to the engineers:  it TRULY doesn't matter whether you have a little more or a little less of one or the other.  Add more flour when you run out if you are making a huge batch as I did.

3.  Heat the skillet on high heat (I used one notch below the highest setting).  Add sunflower oil so it barely covers the bottom.  Add a few shakes of sesame oil (maybe a tablespoon or so).   The sesame adds some complexity to the oil flavor, but is not necessary if you don't have it.  Pick up a handful of chicken strips, let most of the wine sauce drip off, and drop it into the flour bowl.  Then coat each strip individually with the flour mix and place it in the hot oil in a single layer.  Fry the chicken strips until the first side is golden, then flip each one over.  It takes a few minutes per side.  Place the done strips on paper towels to absorb the fat.  Fry each successive batch the same way, adding oil as needed to keep at least some oil in the pan.

These Drunken Chicken Strips were just wonderfully crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  Serve with Annies Naturals Organic Ketchup or Honey.

Don't let the left over wine/chicken sauce go to waste!  Use it for flavoring in another dish.  I used it for cooking up some mushrooms.  Great flavor!

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