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Learn to Make Left-Overs

Cooking every single time is just about impossible. Learning to make left-overs and saving them in the refrigerator or freezer will make your life MUCH easier. Today started off not so well. We went outside to find 3 of our baby ducks dead. It looked like they had been mauled by something, but not eaten. Very high on the list of suspects is our cat Amber. Unfortunately, we can't prove anything. There's not a trace of anything being in the pen. Breakfast was going to be some scrambled eggs with some of those really great green peppers a patient gave me. Instead, I packed up some hardboilded eggs, half a bunch of aging grapes, two really juicy ripe pears, some plums and yesterday's Italian Slow-Cooked Chicken and ran out the door. I ate the eggs on the way to work and munched the fruit in between patients. The chicken was just as good zapped in the microwave as it had been the day before, again eaten with a spoon, the chicken was so soft! I'm done with the office rather early today (only by leaving charting for tomorrow). I need to go back home to check on the ducklings. We moved them in with the parent ducks in hopes the big ones will protect the little ones. I have some huge shrimp in the freezer and some green beans and some powdered ginger and some of those great green peppers at home. I'll start the rice cooker as I get the rest of dinner ready. Hmmm......I'm in for a treat for supper!
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