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The Candy Store

For a Celiac, going to a big health food store such as Whole Foods in Houston is like going to a candy store. Can you tell what I did this past weekend! There are so many good foods to choose from! When you go to an independent grocery store, you realize just how much our food choices are driven by marketing and advertising. Why should it be that Whole Foods has many brands of tomato sauces or ketchup, yet the local grocery store has just two or three? When you have a lot of sensitivities like I do (gluten, corn, dairy, red dyes, some spices, etc), having many brands available gives me many more choices. Unfortunately, going to Houston is a two hour trek, so becomes a rare treat instead of an easy run. There is a coop out of Arkansas that brings food to Lufkin once a month, www.ozarkcoop.com. (They have since gone out of business.) I keep saying I'll order something from them, but that takes some planning. Planning is the key to eating well and doing well as a Celiac. I keep working on it. Speaking of planning, our next CELL and Celiac meeting will work on planning. We will have a workshop to put together a menu plan for a week. Each person will work on their own, and have something to go home with. Please do come join us. We have made up blank Weekly Menu sheets for your use. If you wish to have a copy.
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