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The Problem With Making Meatloaf

The past few days have been busy. We have been trying to catch the foxes that have eaten half our ducklings. We built a house for them over the weekend. I ended up doing a lot of snacking on fruit and nuts. I ate a whole package of dried aprociots, which I truly enjoyed. Building didn't leave too much time for cooking. I did manage to make two 2-pound meatloafs for lunches this week. There IS a problem with making meatloaf.

The problem with making meatloaf is, if you don't mix in some sort of grain, the meatloaf comes out very heavy. I mixed two pounds of ground turkey with 2 pounds of ground pork and then some canned lentils and diced canned tomatoes with some spices. It didn't come out well enough to share here, but at least I won't starve for lunches this week. Wayne smothered his in ketchup (I try to keep on hand some health store brand with no corn or gluten in it) and smiled as he ate it. Some people eat anything!

Next time I may have to go back to the Apple Turkey Meatloaf from the Obesity's Answer web site. That one is good! It uses apples to lighten it up. If you have a great recipe to share, please email it. Meatloaf is really a problem!!

Tonight is another slow-cooked chicken night. This one is a variation of the one I did last week. I'll let you know how it came out. It's outside the back door of the office cooking away.

Oh, I forgot! There's once I made meat loaf with left-over rice mixed it. That worked well. I'll have to remember that next time I...
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