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A Quick Sunday Night Supper

The trick to living Celiac is to be able to throw food together quickly when you don't have the time or inclination to cook. Running down to the local fast food joint is NOT an option. I started by scrounging in the fridge. Hmm...two sweet potatoes, one pound of frozen ground turkey and some chopped cauliflower from a few nights ago. Thatís a start.

Yesterday I had moved some frozen ground turkey from the freezer to the refrigerator. I always try to have at least one meal of raw meat thawing in the refrigerator. Itís part of always being ready to make something fast. Unfortunately it was still frozen, so I plopped it in a fry pan to cook. I was too lazy to make burgers out of it, so just chopped it up with the spatula as it cooked in the pan.

Next I put a pot of water on and threw the cauliflower pieces in there. Then I started peeling the sweet potatoes. It was too boring to boil them, so I thought I would fry them up. I have a hand-type shredder. If you have a food processor, so much the better. A couple sweet potatoes donít take long to shred up in slivers. In the mean time, I went back to the meat, added some garlic powder, ground pepper, salt and some thyme and finished cooking it into ground meat. Once it was done, I poured the ground meat into a glass bowl. Putting some tomato sauce on the ground meat is an option which I chose to pass up tonight.

Next I put some sunflower oil in the same pan and fried up the sweet potatoes, one potato at a time. In the mean time, the cauliflower was done. I had heard you can make mashed potato substitute by mashing up the cauliflower. I threw the cauliflower in the blender and put in a little soy milk. Whorl it up! Spoon it out. Next time I won't put in as much soy milk. It turned out a little runny. By now the second batch of sweet potatoes are almost done.

The meal looked very nice on a plate--dark brown ground meat, the orange sweet potatoes and the white cauliflower mash. I had some black seedless grapes to put around the plate, but black olives would have looked equally as nice and added a different saltier taste to the meal. It turned out to be a very colorful and satisfying meal for me and my husband.

Thereís even some left-over meat for tomorrowís lunch. Iíll take the rice cooker to work and make some hot brown and wild rice with the ground meat. Hey, and thereís a bag of baby carrots too. And an apple. Good! Tomorrow's lunch is covered. Supper...I better see whatís in the freezer or stop at the grocery store on the way home. Breakfast is easy. Thereís a brand new fresh goose egg today!

Planning is key!
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