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Weight Loss and Celiac

Foods have so much more to do with our well being than most of us want to admit. Weight LOSS is a classic symptom of Celiac, sometimes to the point of nearly dying. Yet most doctors will not believe someone has Celiac if they are overweight. Losing weight happens only in severe Celiac at the end stages when there is a lot of gut damage. Don't you want to find out about it sooner than nearly dying from it???

More people actually GAIN weight in the early stages of Celiac Syndrome than lose weight. In fact, I found in my practice that about 10 to 15% of really big folks who cannot lose weight by really trying, need to also stop eating gluten to succeed. Sometimes the weight drops quite rapidly after that.

It is difficult to convince someone to change your whole way of eating, which by the way is much healthier, with a negative blood test. Are these folks Celiacs? I say yes!

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