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Gluten Contamination of Foods

About two weeks ago I felt so sick for two days, I just knew I ate some gluten somewhere. But where? I hadn't eaten out. I checked all ingredients I had used recently. There was just no gluten anywhere that I could see. Well, then I started cleaning up the kitchen. There were crumbs everywhere in and around the stove where Alex, our gluten-tolerant son, had made a pumpkin pie. Ever since Thanksgiving, he has been on a pumpkin pie kick. He desperately wants the sugary snacks I don't make much any more.

What brought all this up was Alex wanting to make another pie on this cold and rainly day. For a long time I would not allow any gluten-containing foods into the house. Then I gave in to his pleadings. He's old enough to make his own food if he so chooses. Well, of course, a teen isn't going to be clean about what he makes, nor how and where he eats it. I let him use the last frozen pie crust in the freezer with the understanding that this was his last gluten-containing cooking project at home. There's no reason in the world why he can't make whatever he wants gluten free! We have all the supplies and gluten-free cook books. Alex was actually nice about the ultimatum. I told him I miss that stuff too. I would love for him to make stuff I can eat too. Kids do want to please. Especially if it means your health.
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