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New Food Pyramid

Subsituting wheat-containing foods for gluten-free somethings is often very unsatisfying.  You'll feel deprived, or worse, drive yourself nuts trying!  There are a number of people who have written whole books in the effort.  But they are usually trying to make the "junk food" we shouldn't be eating much of anyway.  They call it "junk food" for a reason.

Celiacs trying to eat healthy or to lose weight need to totally rethink food.  I think the FDA-published food pyramid is wrong for us.  With the help of PhotoShop, I fixed it!  Just think about it.  The whole bulk bottom part of the diet is gone, erased.  There's lots of good things you CAN eat, but you have to have more of them. 

All kinds of meats, fruits and vegetables as so much healthier.  Stick to simple foods instead of things packaged and processed stuff; you will be better off.  No soups, salad dressings, sauces or gravies that you don't know ingredients.  Forget the dairy (that's a whole other discussion).  And really limit the grains to no more than once a day in the form of rice or something else gluten-free. 

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