Are YOU a Wheat-a-holic?

Are YOU a Wheat-a-holic? by Rima Kittley, MD

How many times have you heard people say they are a "sugar-holic." It is often a self-described reason for weight problems. But when you ask what it is they crave, it's not actually sugar. It's things like cakes, cookies, pies, Kit-Kats, etc. What do these all have in common? WHEAT!!! Are YOU at Wheat-a-holic? Wheat may be the reason for your continued inability to lose weight.

Poor Dr. Adkins never knew why his diet worked so well for some people. It's not because he limited all carbs. His diet eliminated almost all carbohydrates. It's because he limited the grain carbs, not other carbohydrate-laden foods like fruits and vegetables. And the people who tried to market the heck out of his name after his death also did not understand. They started producing all these high-gluten bars and processed foods. People figured out very quickly that they did not lose any weight eating them.

Anyone who says he or she has lost a ton of weight doing Adkins and then immediately gain it all back going back to some "normal" diet needs to consider wheat as a significant problem. Sometimes just stopping grains, yet continuing the other carbs such as vegetables and fruits gives the same dramatic weight loss results as going Adkins, but SAFER. About 10 to 20% of people unable to lose weight while sticking to any balance diet program may need to stop eating gluten to be successful.