Menu Planning Tips

Planning is the key to doing well with a gluten-free diet. Things to consider: #1. One refrigerator/freezer is just not enough space. Get a second one. Hook it up in the garage or wherever. Now all of a sudden you gave someplace to put the leftovers! Freeze them. Cooking for one becomes less of a bother this way too. Cook for two or four and save the rest! Have it ready to grab for a busy day lunch. You can zap it in a microwave any old time. #2. Make parts of meals ahead of time. In the morning prepare the meat, put it in a pan with all the spices, then put it back in the refrige, covered with plastic. It's all ready to go in the afternoon for your teenager to turn on the oven and stick it in (remind them to take off the plastic). Then you can throw together the rest of the meal when you get home. You could have the rice cooker all ready the same way with brown rice in it. They put in the liquid and turn it on. You probably will have to call them at the right time and stay on the phone until it's done. (Do I know kids?). Again, some planning! #3. Collect "flavor packets" to your favorite dishes in the freezer. Maybe you like bacon bits in your scrambled eggs in the morning. Cook some up ahead of time and freeze them. Or cook up chicken broth from the wing tips the same time you make chicken wings, then freeze it in a glass container with a plastic lid. Maybe you like green peppers in things. Chop them up ahead of time and put them in a ziplock bag in the freezer. Green onions work well that way too. I like mushrooms in things, so sauteing them up and freezing them adds a nice touch to some foods. You could even put together the dry ingredients to a gluten-free cake, ready to go next time you have the whim to make it. Now do you see why you need more freezer space? Did I say you need to do some planning? #4.