Beef Stew

Beef isn't my favorite food for what all the cattle industry has done to ruin a good animal.  Grass fed is best, raised without antibiotics or steroids or fattening corn.  In fact, the grass fed animal is totally different with much better ratios of Omega 3 fatty acids and other health benefits.  What breaks the bank is shipping since grass fed beef is still not the norm.  The best protest is from our pocketbooks.  If we quit buying the feed lot stuff, the industry will get the message.  Anyone interested in placing a combined order (we will send someone to pick up), please call the office.  Check out their web site Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats.

Having said all this, I started this recipe section for the sake of variety, and the fact that my family started buying canned beef stew in protest.  Beef is good food grown the way it was meant to be.  Just let's do it right!  We can do MUCH better than canned beef for our taste buds and nutrition.